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Now that Google is dropping Canadian news sources in Canada due to the requirements of Bill C18, there is no central repository for Canadian news headlines.

Why are many publications missing?

This is a work in progress and we’ll keep adding publications as we go.

You can help by making a suggestion for a Canadian publication by clicking here or a Canadian podcast by clicking here.

Is it only for publications in English?

See above.

Who is eligible to be added?

We care about publications in Canada that are in the business of producing journalism. Publications that are mainly opinion or editorials won’t be considered.

Otherwise ...

  • The publication must be headquartered in Canada
  • Provide mostly original journalism
  • Not have a strong paywall. We’re not against publications insisting on paid subscriptions, but a headlines website just doesn’t work if one clicks through and cannot read the story
  • We have a wide view of what constitutes a publication: newsletters. TikToks, blogs are considered just as much as full websites
  • The publication must provide an RSS feed

What about podcasts?

At the moment, we're limiting it to Canadian news and journalism podcasts.

What about my personal information?

We don't collect any personal identifiable information from any readers. We use GoatCounter for web analytics which does not collect any personal tracking data.

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